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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 11, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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the lower 60s. got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email nightmare cruise. a giant carnival cruise ship is finally set to arrive in port later today after four days adrift at sea as thousands of passengers can't wait to reach land. >> people getting upset and frustrated by the toilet situation. couldn't flush. part of the big issue on the ship. >> we'll to a passenger on board about the worsening conditions and take you live to the port. controversial cuts. president obama's bipartisan commission shocks washington with its plan to attack the deficit, including social security at age 69. no tax deductions for certain homes and more taxes on health care. we'll tell you the president's reaction and tell you what it could mean for you. plus, a mother's anguish. marie osmond opens up to oprah about her son's suicide.
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>> i said, mike, i'm going to be there monday and it's going to be okay. but depression doesn't wait until monday. >> marie also talks about her own battle with depression, early this thursday morning, own battle with depression, early this thursday morning, november 11th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning on this veterans day. there it is. a live look at the carnival "plen dorr" and more than 3,000 passengers on board seeing the sight they have been aching to see for four days now, dry land. as the ship finally arrives at port. good morning and welcome to a special live west coast edition of "the early show," everyone. i'm maggie rodriguez. >> i'm harry smith. good morning, all. one of the big controversies of this election season and certainly now going forward is deficit reduction. the president put together a
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bipartisan panel to look at this issue, they've made some recommendations, not the ones to send to congress but the broad ideas of it and people going nutso. we'll tell you why in a little bit. >> going nutso aboard the carnival "splendor" because relief is in sight. it broke down monday morning after an engine fire and this morning the ship as you saw is a few miles from port and thousands of passengers are eagerly awaiting their arrival on land. cbs news correspondent john plaquestone is at the port in san diego with the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. as you saw, the carnival "splendor" just outside the harbor here in san diego and because the ship almost a thousand feet long has no power, it can't steer itself so two tugs will tie up alongside it and gently guide it through the harbor here and up to the dock. that's an operation that could take hours and the nightmare vacation isn't over yet.
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for almost two days, tug boats have pulled the carnival "splendor" at an agonizing pace of 6 miles from mexico to southern california. a monday morning fire left it stranded at sea and over 3,000 passengers fuming. >> they signed up for a great cruise vacation. we know we ruined their vacations. >> reporter: those abort expected luxury. what they got was misery and now this cell phone range, they're telling us of the challenges. no hot water. no air conditioning and the toilets -- >> people getting upset and frustrated by the toilet situation. couldn't flush. part of the big smell issue on the ship. >> every day it's kind of getting more frustrating i think for people. you can tell some people are just angry. >> reporter: on the website of carnival, the cruise director posted a blog saying passengers and crew risen to the obvious challenges and difficult
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conditions aboard. many passengers have had to sleep on the decks and with the vessel operating on emergency power, the so-called fun ship is hardly that. >> obviously, casino is out of business. because anything this has to run off of electricity is going to be a problem. >> reporter: and the navy had to step in with the "uss ronald reagan" coming to the rescue with a boat load of supplies. military supplies. instead of lavish lobster but f buffets, not what they were expecting. >> i left them a text message saying, dad, did they have multiple flavors of spam? >> reporter: carnival is doing the best to make it up to them. the ceo ordered the bars for free drinks, even if there is no ice and think preel vid hotel rooms with much needed showers. and help with travel arrangements. the passengers are also being offered full refunds and a free
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future cruise. if they dare. and even after the ship ties up, there will be one more obstacle. they have been out of the country, they have to pass through customs and border control officers to get aboard so they may not be seasick but certainly sick of being at sea. maggie? >> john blackstone in san diego, thank you. joining us on the phone is danny cole, a passenger aboard the carnival "splendor." good morning. >> hi, good morning. >> how are you all holding up? >> spirits are pretty high. happy to be getting off the ship pretty soon. >> i bet. let's go back to monday with the fire in the engine room. were aware that there was a problem? >> yes. the whole ship started to shake violently when that happened and, you know, as you can imagine, everything in the room started rattling around and i'm sure it woke up the passengers, certainly woke up me and my wife. >> were you scared?
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>> yeah. well, i was definitely uncomfortable and then pretty soon after that happened we started to smell smoke in our cabin. we are on the eighth floor so we're pretty far away from the engine room and i think the smell is lot stronger on the lower decks. >> wow. >> so as soon as we smelled that, we jumped out of bed, threw our clothes on and thought, you know what? we better evacuate and go to our lifeboat. so we definitely got out of there right away. >> holy moley. eventually the crew explained and calmed everybody down and then no power. so that meant among other things that the toilets didn't flush. how bad did it get? >> well, for me, that was the most frightening part of the ordeal. it got bad. i mean, as you walked around the ship, you can smell an odor and i started to get worried. they had to block the bathrooms
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on the ship, all the public bathrooms. basically we only had access to our own bathroom in our cabin. and, you know, it was also where we were sleeping. so, you know, it was really nerve wrecking. >> how quickly did they get them working again? >> well, it felt like for us to be like a long time but we lost power on monday morning. and it wasn't until tuesday afternoon that they started working again. so that, you know, that's -- >> yeah. long enough. >> that's a long time to be holding it basically. >> the cruise director on the blog credits the passengers for just handling this with just so calmly and so much poise. are people starting to get frustrated? >> well, you know what? people are very understanding. i've been impressed. you know, the cruise director kept us informed the whole time and made a lot of announcements.
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so, the more i think people are being really civilized to one another. there's enough food for everybody. we do have to wait in really long lines but enough food. there's plenty of water. and soft drinks. so i think people feel relatively comfortable, know it's a bad situation and people are just making the best of it so that's been really reassuring. when the bathroom situation was going on, i saw some upset people. you know? the seelevators don't work and people were having trouble navigating the stairs but by and large people are really nice to one another and almost a comradery amongst the passengers going through the same ordeal. >> i'm so impressed with you and all the passengers. thank you so much, danny cole. >> okay. thank you. >> now here's harry. >> all right. maggie, thanks. this morning, president obama is in south korea at the g-20 economic summit while
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washington is buzzing over a series of proposals to cut the trillion dollar a year federal deficit. cbs news chief white house correspondent chip reid is in seoul, south korea, traveling with the president. good day to you, chip. >> reporter: well, good morning, harry. at a press conference here in seoul earlier today, the president said he will not comment on the specific proposals until the commission issues a final report but he also said there are some very tough decisions ahead. >> if we are concerned about debt and deficits, then we're going to have to take actions that are difficult and we're going to have to tell the truth to the american people. >> reporter: the 50-page draft proposal calls for cutting deficits by $3.8 trillion over the next decade with dozens of budget cuts and tax increases, for example, reducing social security benefits for upper
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incomes and gradually raising the retirement age to 69. eliminating the mortgage interest deduction for homes worth $man $500,000 and employer-provided health care plans. >> we don't bring the deficits down and get to balance, we are headed for disaster. >> reporter: implementing the proposals would require concessicon concessions on both sides of the aisle. 78% say president obama should be willing to take compromises to get things done. and 72% say republicans and congress should do the same. >> we're going to have to make some tough choices. the only way to make those tough choices historically has been if both parties are willing to move forward together. >> reporter: but moving forward together is not going to be easy. members of both parties on capitol hill have already declared this proposal dead on arrival. but members of the commission say hold on, have some patience. this is just the first step in
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what promises to be a very lengthy debate. harry? >> chip reid with the president in sclae this morning, thank you very much. here to tell us what it means to you is cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca var jis. good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> talk about the big picture. what are the things -- other thing to say is there really has to be unanimity on the committee, 14 out of 18 votes to send it to congress. these are just sort of the big planks in this whole idea they have been working on for months. >> yeah. these are the big planks that the 18 individual panel that the president put together has come up with. number one, there's going to be reductions under this plan in the federal workforce to the tune of about 10% of workers, 200,000 jobs. more than $100 billion in defense spending under the plan cut and farm subsidies to the tune of $3 billion cut. these are sort of the big picture things, harry, that you're going to see coming out of the budget under this plan.
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>> but the one that's got everybody, the third rail of all of -- u.s. politics is always been social security. don't touch it. this one really does touch it in a big way. >> it does touch it in a major way and increases what people have to pay into the system, particularly the more affluent individuals who will see under this plan their benefits decreased. also, under the plan, the retirement age. and this is a major sticking point would gradually increase in the year 2050 going up to 68 years old in the year 2075 and this is a long ways out. 65 years from now, however, it would go up to 69 years old and the year 2075. >> talk about taxes. may be -- of all the things in this -- >> this was a major sticking point in the election, too. >> right. when's really interesting a thbt is getting rid of some of these sacred cow deductions. >> yes. some of the deductions would come out under the proposed plan. however, on the individual income tax usually in most cases taxes go down and corporate
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taxes and it would eliminate as you mentioned the sacred cows, $1.1 trillion in exemptions, for example, the mortgage interest rate reduction and we take with a home and take the mortgage out. gas tax increases 15 cents by the year 2013. >> so many interesting things in this and evolving to do before it gets to the vote. >> december 1 we'll probably hear something. >> finding out more. rebecca jarvis, thanks so much. more news now. good morning, reri ka. >> good morning to everyone at home. we begin with more on the economy actually. news this morning of a significant drop in the foreclosure rate. the number of homes repossessed from september to october fell by 9%. foreclosure tracking firm realty track says it's the sharpest decline this year and keep in mind the big reason. because the big mortgage lenders temporarily stopped most home repossessions amid allegations of mishandled paperwork. the government wants new, graphic warning labels on
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cigarettes. disturbing images to take up half the pack like this one you see here. a woman dying of cancer, diseased lungs and a man with a hole in the neck. they're, of course, designed to shock. >> we want to make sure that every person who picks up a pack of cigarettes is going to know exactly what the risk is that they're taking. >> and in terms of knowing that risk, of course, the goal one to convince smokers to quit or prevent others from starting. sarah palin did not say she'll run for president in 2012 but she was looking an awful lot like a candidate in an appearance in texas yesterday. palin shared the stage in an anti-abortion rights rally with texas governor perry. a dream ticket for some tea party supporters. >> so good to be back in the lone star state. always really, really good to be here with your governor. a man that i just dearly love and respect. >> a just released associated
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press poll finds of all the potential 2012 republican presidential candidates, sarah palin is the most polarizing. want to bring you a follow-up on a story we told you about. all google employees getting bonuses and raises january 1st. turns out that's all but one. the google employee who leaked news of the bonus got fired. according to cnn money. in nashville, a new era of country music. miranda lambert was the big winner at the awards taking home three cmas including album of the year for "revolution." entertainer of the year was brad paisley. what most people probably talking about this morning, actress gwyneth paltrow's live singing debut. ♪ because i'm country strong all traffic on the bay bridge is
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stopped right now.
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>> and it's 7:17. that's the first check of the weather. back to you. >> thank you, dave. still ahead for us, marie osmond talks for the first time about her son's suicide and the depression that overtook him and her, as well. also the new evidence that laptops can put heat on male fertility. uh-huh. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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coming up we'll give you a preview of what marie osmond said in her first interview about her son's suicide. the last time she spoke with him she said don't worry i'll be there monday, everything is going to be okay but mike, just 18 years old committed suicide friday. we'll hear what else she told oprah about his battle and about her own. >> also coming up this morning, a wlaptop computer what we like to use around here. turns out about the last place in the world you want to use a laptop. >> is on your lap. >> is on your lap. correct. we'll tell you all about that in our next half hour. >> change the name. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. - behind every open heart is a story. - it's beautiful. - tell yours with my open heart collection at kay jewelers. keep your heart open, and love will always find its way in.
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all traffic on is stopped ri i'm juliette goodrich from the cbs 5 newsroom. we want to bring you some breaking news right now. along the bay bridge, westbound all traffic on the bridge is stopped right now because of police activity. here's what we know. a driver as you can see in that black explorer looks like suv has stopped on the upper deck. a passenger says he is armed and has reportedly threatened to blow up his suv. there is no word on when traffic will move again. we are waiting to hear from the california highway patrol as to this standoff. elizabeth wenger is standing by. this stopped about 10 minutes ago? >> more like 15, 20 minutes
7:26 am
ago. they just halted all westbound traffic. this is the oakland side of the bay bridge. traffic is stopped just before the tunneling. they are letting cars on the bridge coming from oakland. it's jamming up. traffic was light because of the veterans day holiday. this is a completely jammed up for your westbound upper deck bay bridge ride heading into san francisco. not impacted by what's going on on the upper deck so you can get into oakland okay. but again, chp as you just said holding all traffic right now on the upper deck right before you get to the tunnel. traffic is jammed at least to the metering lights. >> you can see the black suv.
7:27 am
that's reportedly the passenger that's stopped in his car. and reports are that he is threatening to blow up his suv. that's why there is a police standoff and traffic is stopped right now. bay bridge stopped leading into san francisco on the upper deck because of police activity, this happened 15, 20 minutes ago. traffic came to a complete halt. this after a driver had stopped on the upper deck and as the chopper moves out we might be able to see the passenger in that car. he is in a black suv and reportedly told police that he is threatening to blow up his car. so this is the latest that we know right now. we are efforting, uhm, information from the california highway patrol. if you know anyone that's stuck right now, on the bridge,
7:28 am
please call into our newsroom, 415-765-8610 to get the latest information on the traffic backup. i believe this is the person holed up in the car. looks like he is on the cell phone. not sure who he is talking to today. alternate routes to get into the city today, take the san mateo bridge as an alternate route. let's talk to elizabeth now about the backups here. >> all right. why don't we go to some of our traffi maps. on the upper deck of the bay bridge right now obviously you're seeing this from chopper 5. we have another traffic camera that shows where traffic is not getting through at all. that's a live look on the san francisco side of the bridge where you can see there are no cars right now on the upper deck. traffic is being held close to the center anchorage right before you get to the tunnel. once again, lower deck traffic
7:29 am
is getting by okay. all lanes are blocked going into san francisco. use the san mateo bridge. i believe we have a traffic shot of that. we can show you what it looks like on the san mateo bridge. everything is moving fine so if you need to get into the san francisco area or head towards the peninsula, westbound 92 is going to be a great alternate. the dumbarton bridge is fine. and the golden gate bridge right now shows no delays. juliette? >> all right. thank you. we are going to be following this all morning long again if you are joining us, traffic is stopped along the westbound portion of the bay bridge. a passenger holed up saying he is threatening to blow up his suv. that's the report coming in from chp. we are going to be following this all morning long, chopper 5 on the scene. we are going to return back to
7:30 am
"the early show" in progress. we'll be back with another update in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,wn with oprah and spoke
7:31 am
publicly for the first time about her son's suicide. >> i told him -- and the hardest thing, sorry -- tough. >> take your time. >> i told him, i said, mike, i'm going to be there monday and it's going to be okay. but, depression doesn't wait until monday. >> reporter: it was on a friday, february 26th, that marie's 18-year-old adopted son, mike, jumped to his death from his high-rise apartment in los angeles. he'd left a note saying his long battle with depression made him feel h breaking news right now. all traffic on the bay bridge is stopped right no i.j. juliette goodrich in the cbs 5 newsroom. we want to return back to our
7:32 am
breaking news. the chp says the passenger on the side of the bridge right now, reportedly said he was armed and had threatened to blow up his suv. he is completely stopped on the side of the road and just minutes ago, actually got out of his suv and is now standing on the side of the bridge with a cell phone. we don't know who he is talking to, whether he is talking to chp officers or someone else right now. but traffic is completely stopped heading into san francisco. i believe we have anne makovec on the phone right now to give us the latest. what's your location, anne makovec? >> reporter: i'm between the toll plaza and the bay bridge. you can see a big caltrans sign above me saying there's ahead. that's because traffic is stopped on the bridge as you mentioned. this is the information we have at this point. a man who was driving an suv has just got out of the suv and apparently been threatening. he has a gun. he actually called our sister
7:33 am
station, radio station kcbs said that he had a gun and explosives. his daughter in the car. traffic is stopped. >> so from chopper 5, ann, our vantage point, we can see the suv. and as you might be able to see on the left side of the screen, that was the driver. he just got out of his car. standing there calmly from what we can see. he put his hands up gesturing to chp that he didn't have a weapon. and kind of pulled up his shirt maybe showing he didn't center any explosives or anything like that. that's what was first reported. but in the meantime, cars
7:34 am
stopped can with a flashing light. chp a few yards behind and then you can see all of the traffic behind completely stopped. if you are just joining us in progress, we are bringing you some breaking news. westbound interstate 80 heading into san francisco completely stopped because of this standoff. the san mateo bridge is a great alternate. >> the dumbarton is great, as well. i just talked to my producer and she just learned that all traffic is being completely halted at the toll plaza of the bay bridge. so you will not be able to get on the bridge at all right now. for a while they were letting cars -- they weren't stopping traffic coming from oakland so unfortunately people were caught in this backup. and not sure when they are going to let traffic through. right now all traffic is
7:35 am
halted it is veterans day so overall traffic is lighter but this is going to cause huge problems for people who have to commute to work or school. we have learned they started staging at the fifth street on- ramp so they are blocking the fifth street on-ramp, as well. juliette in. >> all right. elizabeth, thank you. if you are just joining us, again, traffic is stopped on the westbound portion of the bay bridge. anne makovec i believe we still have you on the phone. what's your location and what have you learned so far? >> we'll turn back to anne makovec. i'm also hearing reports from san francisco pd that -- [overlapping speakers] >> a passenger inside his car was allegedly armed that got out is now on the phone talking with authorities reportedly negotiating with them right now just about five minutes ago he
7:36 am
got out of his suv. put his hands up. and then was talking on the cell phone so we learned he is in contact with authorities right now. anne makovec has more. >> reporter: we have chopper 5 overhead. i know you can see the vehicle you said the suspect vehicle. do you lap to see anybody else in this vehicle because this caller apparently the man who started this called our sister radio station he said he said a gun, explosives and his daughter in the suv. so i don't know if that's something that we can see. it's not from my vantage point. right now, i am in between the bay bridge toll plaza and the bay bridge on the westbound
7:37 am
side. we have several cars that are pulled off from our vantage point looked like he was inside the car. he is gesturing to the chp and it looks like he was on the phone earlier as we were told from the pd that he was negotiating with them. he is kind of waving his fingers and having some sort of conversation either with chp or possibly someone inside the car. we had heard reports that his daughter was in the car and that she possibly got out and told authorities that her dad had explosives to that extent. he is on the side of the road and he put his hands up when he originally got out of the car and now he is on the cell phone. obviously, creating a huge backup this morning. westbound into san francisco traffic completely stopped right now. if you need to get into the
7:38 am
city, we have alternate routes. elizabeth? >> expect heavier than normal commute across westbound 92 and southbound 880 the nimitz freeway through hayward because right now people heading towards the bay bridge, if they haven't heard what's going on, once you reach the toll plaza, chp is turning those cars around and they are being sent back eastbound so the san mateo bridge going to see extra heavy traffic. the dumbarton bridge as well as the golden gate bridge which so far i just checked and we are not seeing any big delays across the golden gate bridge or the richmond/san rafael. we have been through this before with bridge closures so people know how to find other alternates into san francisco and the peninsula but all -- especially the upper deck is closed to traffic. they are not letting any more cars through. you will see traffic getting by on the lower deck. lower deck traffic heading into oakland is not impacted by this upper deck closure. we're told that some of those cars that are stuck in the backup are actually trying to get off at treasure island and trying to turn around to get on
7:39 am
the lower deck but this is no fun for the people stuck or trying to get around the closure. san mateo bridge, dumbarton, golden gate or richmond/san rafael bridge all going to be your best alternates. in the meantime, we have no word when they are going to re- open the upper deck for all those cars heading into san francisco. >> elizabeth, we are just getting some new information now about this passenger inside the car. we're understanding that he did in fact call kcbs our sister radio station informing them that he in fact was armed, that his daughter was in the car, and from our vantage point we have seen him get out of his suv. and earlier reports indicated that his daughter is out of the car and possibly with authorities right now. she was saying that her dad was threatening to blow up his suv. as a result of this obviously, authorities have shut down westbound traffic leading into
7:40 am
san francisco. chopper 5 bringing us these pictures right now. you can see the suspect or the passenger vehicle with the flashing lights. he is to the left of the screen. he is standing in nicely dressed clothes maybe going into the city for work. and he was on his cell phone. at that time, we were told he was talking to authorities. so we are not sure if he is still negotiating with them or if he is on a call with someone else. but in the meantime as a precaution, obviously they have shut down all traffic leading into san francisco. and we are told that his daughter is with the authorities. anne makovec is on the other side of the bridge right now to give us the latest from her vantage point. anne. >> reporter: yes, good morning juliette. we were coming in actually westbound from oakland and at the toll plaza we had to take the commuter lane that was only one that was moving well at that point. we ended up here which is between the bay bridge and the toll plaza just before the bay bridge looking westbound as you can see that big caltrans sign
7:41 am
lit up, delays ahead. definitely avoid this area if you are planning on commuting to the city anytime soon. now, this gentleman apparently when he called kcbs to warn authorities one would think of the fact that he might have weapons, he mentioned he had a gun, explosives, and his daughter in the car, it appeared as if he wanted to stop traffic and make a statement. what he is doing this morning is the middle of the morning commute. of course, pre-8:00. this would be the time to tie up the bay bridge and that is certainly what's happening. we are hoping that it's going to become a peaceful ending though as juliette mentioned. his daughter a woman a passenger in the car, appeared to have gotten out safely and it is just him and hopefully is in the process of giving himself up to police. clearly the man is looking into publicity in the situation. he called the radio station, kcbs, to tell them about this which obviously got the
7:42 am
authorities involved very quickly. so that's what's happening and hopefully the publicity and the danger will be over here very soon. >> all right. anne, thanks so much. we are bringing you live pictures from chopper 5. we are intentionally not bringing you a closingup right now because we're not sure what might be happening here. from our vantage point, the passenger was out of his vehicle, he was on his cell phone and earlier reports indicated indicate he called into kcbs saying he was distraught over a marital situation and he was upset and armed. his daughter reportedly in the car. she is since then been out of the car. we believe she might be with the chp right now. the passenger in the suv that you can see with the flashing lights got out of the car, he put his hands up indicating to authorities possibly that he
7:43 am
didn't have any weapons on him and has been on his cell phone. these pictures we are going to kind of keep a distance on it right now because we are not sure what his intentions are or what he is doing on the bridge as we speak. don't want to get too close on that. the chp are on the right-hand side talking with him right now. obviously a tense situation. and as we have heard earlier from kcbs, definitely called in to our radio station, kcbs radio station indicating he was distraught over a marital situation and that he was in fact armed. as a result of this, chp shut down traffic leading into san francisco. there was a backup. traffic was light today because of veterans day holiday. with traffic stopped on the bridge there is a backup. if you are heading into san francisco for whatever reason, it looks like vehicles are trying to turn around.
7:44 am
this bus might be trying to head out eastbound on the upper deck. but let's check in with elizabeth wenger to find out some alternate for you if you need to head into the city. traffic is blocked before you get to the bridge. unfortunately, some people got stuck as you can see here on the upper deck and they are trying to turn around heading eastbound. we have been hearing of drivers trying to get on treasure island and then loop around and try to get back on the lower deck. lower deck traffic is open. they are staging at the fifth street on-ramp, chp. so that's blocked. but yeah, unfortunately, a lot of cars are stuck right there on the upper deck right about mid incline. all the activity is going on close to the center anchorage
7:45 am
portion of the bridge. all right. so you have bay bridge, unusable right now. at least the upper deck of the bay bridge is unusable. so as far as alternates go, san mateo bridge, we have been talking about veterans day traffic lighter than normal and they never turned on the metering lights at the bay bridge. all this changed once this happened. so yeah, san mateo bridge, golden gate bridge, richmond/san rafael, dumbarton bridges, you are going to have to find alternates to get into the city or along the peninsula this morning. bart is on time right now and if you are wondering, bart is on a normal weekday schedule. they don't have a special schedule even despite the veterans day holiday. so bart is a great way to get into san francisco. all traffic completely halted. not allowed on the upper deck right now. at the toll plaza they are
7:46 am
being detoured back eastbound. 15 minutes from hayward to foster city and the peninsula. so no delays there. >> between going to go to a phone call now. joel is on the bridge calling in to us. joel i understand you are about maybe 10, 15 cars back from the police activity. tell us what is going on from your vantage point. >> well, right now, i'm looking at -- you can see actually the car, the police station cars -- [ inaudible ] police have advised to us stay in our cars. they are on the way back there. they are just running with all the guns and probably, you know, wanted us to be safe so they want to us stay in our cars. but you can see from where i am
7:47 am
right now that there were kind of like talking making conversations on whoever inside the car. >> joel, how long have you been stopped on the bridge? >> i have been here probably for like 40 minutes. >> what have authorities told you or the police? have they told everyone to stay in their cars right now? what have they been telling you? some people are getting out of their cars. what have you been told? >> actually a lot of people are like -- i have like maybe four cars on my side. they are out of that are car, standing in their car, looking. once the police just pass by they advise to us get inside the car and then they get out to look at it you know. >> joel, our first reports were that when this -- when the driver stopped, his daughter actually physically got out of the car. did you happen to witness that? or were you just stopping in traffic and wondering what was
7:48 am
going on? >> well, i can't actually get a clear visual of what's activity in my front because, you know, i don't know what's going to happen and, you know, i just have been advised to stay in my car but just looking at in where i am at right now, the -- i mean, i didn't see no, you know, kids. but i can see the police. they are just -- it was just like they are, you know, making conversation, bowing their heads in the car. you know? and then there's like police, you know, with all their guns, probably waiting, you know, if there's going to be violence happening. they are just waiting. >> all right. joel, i appreciate you calling n if you can just stay on the line if we can go back and forth with you i just want to update our viewers if you are just joining us right now all traffic is stopped on the westbound portion of the bridge
7:49 am
leading into san francisco because of police activity. just about 30 minutes ago, a driver had stopped on the upper deck. there were reports he was telling police that he was armed and was threatening to blow up his suv. he actually called in to kcbs our sister radio station, saying that he was distraught over a marital situation, that he was armed. he got out of the suv, he put his hands up. because of the sensitivity of this we are going to keep our chopper further away from the location and just give you some static shot right now because we are not sure exactly what his intentions are along the bridge. he does have a cell phone and he has been talking as we're told to authorities and negotiating with them. and we're also learning that his daughter that was in the car with him has since gotten out of the car and is safe with
7:50 am
authorities. anne makovec is on the bridge right now. we are going to join her live to get more. >> reporter: we just moved a little farther west. we are still in the area right knew juliette between the bay bridge toll plaza and the actual bridge. we are over some of the water part right now actually and here you can see people are actually getting out of their cars, some are turning their vehicles around and going the other way. we have a line of traffic on the right-hand side that was going eastbound on the westbound side because the westbound lanes are just not being used right now. everybody is stopping on the toll plaza so you have this kind of abandoned roadway and then people going the wrong way on it. i think a lot of drives are here exhausted with the waiting. it's hard to tell if any authorities are telling them to do that.
7:51 am
i would rather doubt that. it just seems like drivers are just taking it upon themselves turning around knowing that the roadways are clear. an eerie sight on this bridge with people not knowing what's going on. we are waiting as the man who started all this continues to stand on the bridge and police talking to him, hopefully we'll end up with some sort of peaceful resolution to this situation. he was threatening with a gun with his daughter in the car. his intentions were to get attention. he called our radio station. kcbs. and here we are waiting to see what will happen with that man. in the meantime, confusion with the traffic here along the bay bridge. >> some cars are turning around. they decided they are not going
7:52 am
to wait this out. the man that was in the car, he called in to kcbs a little before 7 a.m. so this has been going on for quite some time. and ann, where you are, it looks like they halted traffic kind of -- at the toll plaza and then at your location. is that correct? >> so here, this is the line of people that got through the toll plaza before they closed the toll plaza. these people got through and they are just waiting their turn for the bay bridge. as you can see, the guy over there in the red sweatshirt getting out of the car, everyone has the sense here that we are going to be here for some time. there is probably going to be some kind of police investigation before they can re-open all of the lanes here. the chp is doing his best to try to figure out the contingency one of the only ways into the city. if you are trying to make a
7:53 am
statement, tie up traffic, this is the way to do it. you can see that big truck right now turning around. people riding the line between exhaustion and not knowing what to do. >> all right. anne, we are going to check back with you since you're at a good location to show us what's hang with the traffic. let return to our eyewitness, joe, right at the beginning of the traffic stopped. >> where he was, he has been informed by authorities to stay in his car because of the potential danger. and he had already learned from authorities that there was a man in a car this driver that we have been showing you all
7:54 am
morning long that was possibly armed and dangerous and he in fact the passenger in the suv that pulled over on the side of the road did call into our sister station, sister radio station kcbs saying that he is in fact armed. he is distraught over a marital situation and that his daughter was inside the car. she is out of the car and with authorities and safe, we believe. he got out of his vehicle, put his arms up to show he didn't have any weapons on him. but he has been on the phone. he did call kcbs and has been on the phone with san francisco pd reportedly negotiating with them. obviously we have our traffic camera up and we have chopper 5 on scene. we are intentionally not zoom in to show you that driver of the vehicle because of the sensitivity of this. we are not shower what his intentions are or what he might do.
7:55 am
he is on the other side of the bridge awning there. >> he is talking with authorities but we want to be sure not to go into too tight on this. traffic is stopped on the westbound portion leading into san francisco. it's been stopped for the past 45, 50 minutes right now. anne makovec is on the bridge. we have phoners, people calling in to us letting us know what the situation is. and elizabeth wenger has been looking at alternate route for us. liz, a busy morning on what was supposed to be a very peaceful veterans day. >> it was very, very quiet during our 5:00 hour, 6:00 hour and yeah, this happened just after 7:00. all right, yeah, traffic is stopped. they have essentially closed the upper deck of the bay bridge and as you may have seen from the life report with macrinus, some anne makovec, you see some drivers turning around heading eastbound. if you are heading towards the
7:56 am
bay bridge toll plaza, that's where we have seen kind of a lot of cars just looping around. it's hard to tell whether chp is helping them go back eastbound or whether drivers are saying hey, i'm not getting stuck in this and they are taking it upon themselves. here's live look at traffic. if this was going to happen any day, traffic is exceptionally light on veterans day. a lot of schools are off, government office are off. a lot of people will head southbound on 880 towards the san mateo bridge. it's mostly green on the sensors top speeds down the nimitz freeway towards the san mateo bridge. so the san mateo bridge is best alternate. as you can see from this live look, there are no delays right now westbound. if you need to head towards the
7:57 am
peninsula or towards san francisco, the san mateo bridge looks great in all directions. golden gate bridge not seeing any delays here either. so despite the bay bridge, essentially being closed on the upper deck, the alternate routes are not getting backed up yet. bart is another good way to get into san francisco. even despite it being veterans day, they are operating on a normal weekday schedule. and we just called and checked and everything is on time. a driver last stopped on the upper deck of the bay bridge he said he was armed and was threatening to blow up his suv. traffic has been stopped for an hour. since then, chp officers have been negotiating with him. we saw when he got out of his vehicle he put his arms up, to indicate he didn't have any weapons. and he was on a cell phone. he called kcbs to say he was
7:58 am
distraught over a marital situation and was armed. we have learned he has been in contact with authorities and negotiating with them but in the meantime there is a hellacious backup now. it looks like a lot of drivers are turning around. joel abaya called in to our newsroom. joel, what's going on? you're at the front of the line. >> reporter: yes. i'm still in the line. i can't get out of the my car to look a little closer. [ car alarm honking ] >> some people are just walking over there. >> joel, it sounds like there's a lot commotion there, as well. i want to check back with you in just a couple of minutes. but first sam morgan with the california highway patrol has
7:59 am
the latest on this situation. sam, what's going on? >> we are going to try to get in touch with sam morgan with the chp. to get the latest information on this driver that's holding up all the traffic and once we get that my producer will let us know. joel aby yeah is stopped in traffic. he was saying a lot of people are getting out of their cars right now just to see what's going on. traffic has been stopped for an hour as this holdup and this standoff continues. joel, do we have you on the line right now? >> yes. >> all right. tell us, have authorities told you to stay in your cars or what have they been telling you? >> yes. some of the police are way back there. they cannot get into the traffic. so once they pass you they were
8:00 am
going to advise you to stay in your car. >> it looks like some people are still getting out of their cars to see what's going on. some of them abandoned their cars and walked towards it. >> is there concern that -- are authorities telling that you this man is armed and there is concern you should stay in your vehicle? is that what you're hearing. that's what one of the police told me because i got out of my car and a police passed through me and said they are advising us to stay in our car to prevent whatever is going to happen. but they didn't tell us it was going to be worse. but they just told us to stay in the car to get out of the way. >> from where you are, you are all stuck in one spot and can't turn around. but where anne makovec is at the base of the bridge a lot of cars are turning around because, you know, this could
8:01 am
actually be a long haul here waiting for this standoff to end. chp is telling us they are going to hold a news conference at the toll plaza in about 45 minutes to let us know exactly what's going on but it's a fluid situation. this driver holding up traffic got out of the vehicle and he is just on the side of the bridge at one point looks like he was on the other side kind of holding on with his cell phone and talking to chp officers. so we are not going to go in too tight because of the sensitivity and not quite sure what his intentions are. let's go to anne makovec at the base of the bridge. cars are turning around. they don't want to be involved in this. anne. >> reporter: yeah, nobody knows quite what to do. i have not seen any chp or police vehicles here. i'm on the base the bay bridge in between the toll plaza and the bay bridge and up until about 15 minutes ago, cars were still being allowed through the toll plaza. and this is the last of them here. those are the people that we
8:02 am
can see that are now there and stuck and don't exactly know what to do. we have seen a number of cars turning around. oh, and we are now hearing that the man is in custody. police -- california highway patrol officers have been able to subdue this man enough to i guess take away the danger at this point. the man is in police custody. nobody knew what would happen on the a bridge. we had a man calling into our radio station this morning, kcbs radio, telling the dispatcher that he had a gun, explosives, his daughter in the car. and he was on the bay bridge. that is when they stopped traffic on the bay bridge to try to negotiate with this man. they spent almost an hour talking to him on the cell phone. and now he has apparently been taken into custody. we don't to exactly when traffic is going to re-open
8:03 am
here on the bay bridge. we have been told that the california highway patrol is going to be holding a press conference at the bay bridge toll plaza in about 45 minutes. that may come sooner now that the situation has come to a resolution. cars are still stopped. i'm sure authorities have some investigation to do on the situation. they need to make sure to that vehicle that he was driving, an suv, is no longer a danger to the people around it. and the bridge. so still more trouble to come. looks likes the danger is over. >> anne, thank you. we're actually showing you live pictures from chopper 5 right now. you can see all of the police activity. the suspect driver of the vehicle that was holed up is now in police custody. that certainly is a relief because at one point he was on the other side of the span holding a cell phone and we weren't quite sure what might happen and what his intentions
8:04 am
were. but in the meantime, traffic is certainly backed up. and we have had a lot of eyewitness calling in to our newsroom. we had joel abaua on the phone who has told our producers that people are now getting back into their cars. they will be able to get back into the city, but it may be some time. let's get information from sam morgan with chp to find out exactly what's happening now. sam, thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> so, we understand that this driver is now in custody. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> okay. tell us exactly was he armed and what went down this morning? why did he get out of his car and what happened? >> we got the call at about 6:58 a.m. of an individual on the bay bridge threatening to commit suicide. so our units rolled out units from oakland and san francisco chp. and we were able to encounter
8:05 am
the individual. the situation is somewhat stabilizing now. and we are trying to get the car cleared and hopefully get traffic flowing again on the upper deck. >> looks like he is possibly getting inside of a patrol car right now. was his daughter inside the suv? and did she in fact get out of the car to alert authority that her father was distraught? what -- what -- what happened there? >> there was another party involved. that party is now in the care of law enforcement personnel. we're trying to determine exactly what her relationship is to the person that was driving the vehicle. >> all right. and did he have any weapons on him or are there any in the car? what's the potential of explosives at one point we heard reports of explosives? >> there was one report of a weapon that may have been thrown over the side of the bridge. and then there were additional reports of possible destructive device in or about the vehicle. our officers are attempting to confirm that and that's one of
8:06 am
the reasons the traffic is still being held. >> all right. >> to make sure that there are no destructive devices in or about the vehicle. >> all right. if you are just joining us, we are talking with sam morgan with the chp involving the traffic that's stopped along interstate 80 heading into san francisco westbound. this is the driver. he is taken into custody right now. sam we saw from our chopper 15 minutes ago that he was on a cell phone. was he negotiating with the highway patrol to get him safely on the other span of the bridge so he wouldn't, you know, take his life so to speak or -- >> i don't have that information as to whether or not he was talking to our personnel or perhaps someone else. i know he did have his phone. i know we did have officers on their phone as well so they could have been communicating with the guy getting him to surrender so that we can resolve this peacefully. >> absolutely. in the meantime, traffic is backed up along the bay bridge and i guess what would be your
8:07 am
advice to drivers heading into the city to take alternate routes? because this could be quite a while before things are cleared. is that correct? >> that's correct. we would recommend if they would take interstate 580 the richmond/san rafael bridge to u.s. 101, or the dumbarton bridge from interstate 880, or the san mateo bridge, hayward san mateo bridge also through interstate 880 because it will be a while for residual traffic to clear and we still haven't cleared our units from the top deck of the bridge. >> do we have any information about this driver, where he was coming from, what he was doing when he was driving into the city? any kind of background about him at all? >> all those details are being fleshed out now and we are just trying to get the situation resolved. we'll have more details later. >> thank you, sam morgan with chp. obviously, quick response and a peaceful outcome, which is the
8:08 am
best-case scenario. so we know you have your work cut out for you today and we'll continue to touch base with you about the traffic situation. thank you for your time this morning. that's sam morgan with the chp. so let's go to elizabeth wenger now to talk about some alternate routes because obviously, this is going to be closed for quite some time if you are heading into san francisco westbound. liz. >> right. i think we are look at traffic at the toll plaza. that's where they are detouring cars and they are helping to make a u-turn and head back eastbound. unfortunately for the several hundred cars or so trapped on the upper deck, they are past the point of no return. and traffic there as you can see is being held just past the tunnel and jammed past the parking lot to mid incline. alternate, some of the live traffic sensors. if you are heading towards the bay bridge it is starting to back up now on the eastshore freeway westbound 80 through about emeryville. also westbound 580 and northbound 880 seeing a little
8:09 am
bit of slow traffic. but overall it is veterans day, traffic has been lighter than normal. a lot of people have the day off, a lot of schools not in session so we haven't seen the huge backups in some of our alternates that we would likely see otherwise. here's live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving along fine. if you need to head towards the peninsula, use the san mateo bridge right now. it's only 14 minutes from hayward toward foster city. other all the alternates, richmond/san rafael bridge looks fine. southbound 101 towards the golden gate bridge. overall we are not seeing the traffic pattern that we typically see on a regular workday. 880, southbound 880 is fine right now all the by in hayward if you are heading towards highway 92. bart is on a normal weekday schedule so it's a good alternate as well and it is on time. juliette? >> good news. if you do need an alternate route at least the other parts
8:10 am
of the bridges aren't as clogged. looking at live pictures from chopper 5 now this is chp, highway patrol, driving into the city westbound with the suspect in the back of the car right now. certainly a peaceful outcome. we'll follow this all morning long and have updates throughout the morning. traffic still backed up. they are not letting cars into the city. a lot of people just standing and waiting and waiting it out. they are probably going to have to remove this suspect's explorer or the suv that was parked on the side of the road and make sure there aren't any explosives in there before they get traffic moving right along. but we'll stay on top of this. we'll be back at 8:25 for another update. thanks for joining us. back to "the early show." [ female announcer ] finally there's a new choice in high performance detergent. introducing wisk with stain spectrum technology. try new wisk.
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we upgraded the formula, but not the price. ♪ 8:11 right now. we continue our namesake series this morning with a visit to the doctor's office. dr. dave price of smithfield, utah. this dave is a veterinarian. and after spending a day with him, it's easy to see why he
8:12 am
loves where he lives and what he does. ♪ every morning dr. dave price wakes up in a place where farm animals outnumber people. on this plot of land in smithfield, utah, the 53-year-old has laid down his roots. >> it was just a blank lot. >> reporter: with the family he's raised, the garden he tends. >> eat them as you want. >> reporter: -- the horses he keeps and the equine veterinary practice he's grown. >> i'm a one-man show. i don't have any assistants. make my own appointments. >> reporter: at first glance it's easy to see how different our lives are. >> do you like barbecue ribs? >> this dave price is actually a vegetarian. >> reporter: but in just a few minutes, it's obvious we have much more in common than just our first and last names. >> you get the dad chair today. >> wow. >> reporter: like the home i
8:13 am
grew up in, family means everything to the prices. >> family is our life. and he's passed that on to us. >> reporter: sunday dinner is a weekly homecoming and a chance to give thanks. >> our heavenly father -- >> he always taught us how to work as a family. and if we were going to do something, we were going to be the best at it. ♪ >> reporter: a sunday ride with dave and his sons takes us through the high desert and the stunning autumn colors of the wasatch mountains. we rode until the sunlight kissed the treetops, looking forward to a busy monday morning. ♪ like me, dr. price's days begin early, before the moon fades from the sky he packs up his truck and hits the road. he'll work 12 hours, drive more than 200 miles, and see 12 horses before the moon rises again.
8:14 am
larry the horse has a teeth grinding problem. with a little sanding and a good rinse -- >> it sprayed back at me. >> -- larry's million dollar smile is back. >> okay. that ought to do it. >> reporter: next stop, circle k farms. 15 miles away. this mare may be pregnant. the ultrasound reveals some welcome news. >> she's pregnant, yes. >> reporter: the mare is pregnant and doing okay. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: my day in dr. price's hands was going great. wish i could say the same about this next horse. >> he's got a little attitude. >> reporter: at its owner's request, dr. price ensured this coat would never become a stud. don't know what that procedure entails? >> where are they? >> reporter: consult your local vet. >> you have to be a lot more accurate than i do. >> weatherman. >> reporter: a bit sore and a little cranky -- >> he'll wobble a minute there. >> reporter: -- he was back on his feet ten minutes later.
8:15 am
>> you'll be a happier horse. >> you were everything today. >> we started out as a dentist and moved on and was the ob/gyn and the urologist. before the day's over, who knows. >> you feel blessed with this life? >> i do. i think it's a blessing. it can be fun and it can be challenging, but it's satisfying, i guess is a good answer. >> reporter: and that's a sentiment this dave price shares, as well. to love where you are, what you do, and who you're with makes you lucky no matter what your name may be. >> what a beautiful office you had there. >> great. >> what a beautiful family he lives with. really neat. >> you live in a postcard. >> i do. >> that's nice. >> wow. >> let's just go around and find out what this crazy life has been like. we started with harry smith. this is harry smith, in case you
8:16 am
weren't watching on monday. the karaoke king of north central florida. it's not karaoke, it's harry-oke. >> we watched the piece and jumped right in the car to go to work and got a mile away and had 110 e-mails already in the course of one mile away. >> i would have to say, i went down there, i had no idea what we were coming in to. you are a star. you are a star in your own right. >> thank you. >> you have so much talent. the thing i was so impressed with was your ability to connect with your audience. really impressive. >> big part of it. >> yeah. really cool. all right. >> i want to introduce you to maggie rodriguez, my maggie here is an e.r. nurse in torrance, california, who showed me the ropes for a day. i told you a million times. i had a great time. >> i'm glad you came. >> tell me what everybody says. >> oh, my goodness. i had so many e-mails and text messages and everybody was so supportive and they were just so
8:17 am
glad. everybody at torrance memorial were great. my family was great. it was just so worthwhile. >> do they treat you different now that you're like a tv nurse? >> oh, they were teasing me, can i have your autograph? it was a blast. >> thank you. everybody here is saying the same thing that everybody in l.a. told us that we look physically alike. >> you do. >> seriously long lost sisters. >> family resemblance. >> erica, from st. louis. you're a third grade teacher. you watched the piece with your class yesterday. >> yes, i did. with the whole third grade class, yes. >> i'm in love with your third grade. what did they say when they saw mrs. rochester? >> they were very excited to see me, to see my personal life. and they were excited to see themselves in action. >> i'm sure. was it strange for you to watch? >> it was very strange for me to watch. i didn't realize how hectic my life was until i saw that piece.
8:18 am
>> it is. that's why i'm glad, i'm excited when i found out you were coming because i'm happy that you get a little bit of a break. >> yes. >> as much as i adore your family, you deserve it. >> a day off, after all. >> imagine that. >> and i tell you guys this all the time when we come back, but when you go on the road, you know, some of the most valuable things you pick up on the road are little things like that. and dave brought a picture of his family, and we posed just before we left. and these are the things that i cherish. when we can immerse ourselves in the lives of the people we meet, you just realize what a glorious country we have. the love david has for his family, the love he has for these patients, that was a light-hearted piece we did. but you have to have a lot of care. david was mentioning that the hours are endless. five i five, six, seven days a week. he's not a rich man, i hope you don't mind me saying this, in
8:19 am
this economy. it's even tougher. but he does this because he loves this. >> i think that's what we all learned from our namesakes is that all of america can take, is that when you love what you do, you're a happy person. and you give your all to your job. thank you for showing us that example. all of you guys. >> that's great. >> i'm sure you say, i get asked what's the best interview i've ever done. to me it's like the people you said, dave. these are the best interviews because these are the best stories. >> believe me, it not the movie stars and politics. >> no. >> i don't know about you, i've got a friend now. i've got a friend. >> i got a sister. i got a sister. >> we can give away our kids. >> you're both taking the breast pumps. >> yes, we are. and she will forever be my hero. i had girlfriends texting me, is that true? >> doctor, how does that work? >> you are an ob/gyn. >> before that, we will harry-oke tonight. >> exactly. thank you all for letting us partake in your lives and share
8:20 am
your stories with everybody. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. we're going to take a break right now. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ñññññ÷sñ [ male announcer ] do your contact lenses feel as good
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>> oh, you see the little guinea pig. >> her name is eeyor. >> she looks kind of sad. >> she's shy a five-month old, she will probably be twice that size when she grows up. a lot of people have a lot of questions mainly about their diet. >> i wouldn't know what to feed o one. >> there are pellets but not best. you want to feed them a good quality grass and i'll save the
8:23 am
rest. >> you'll answer all of our pet questions coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:25 am
traffic is slowly moving again on the upper level of th it's 8:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. traffic traffic moving slowly again on the upper level of the bay bridge. this is just after a standoff with a man shut down traffic for about an hour this morning during the morning commute. he was taken into custody around 8:00. the man called into our radio station kcbs claiming to have a gun and explosives and his daughter was in the car, as well. no explosives were found. he is in custody. one of the nation's largest veterans day parades kicking off soon in san jose. the opening ceremonies starting at 11 a.m. at plaza de cesar chavez with the parade starting at noon. the annual event is in its 92nder. > congressman jerry mcnerney has declared victory in his bid
8:26 am
for re-election in the 11th district. the latest count shows him leading republican david harmer by more than 2,000 votes. his campaign manager issued a news release calling the lead insurmountable. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
i inherited my father's '69 norton commando. it's been a dream of mine to restore it. and it's my dream for him to finish it. frank has something great to save up for. this is my dad. isn't that cool? and a very understanding girlfriend. i showed him a wells fargo savings account with my savings plan. [ frank ] and what it does is it takes a little bit of my money and puts it towards my goal. i want to get all the original parts and do it right. for my dad. there's a couple months in between parts. so, one at a time. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪ good morning. back to chopper 5. as you can see, they are letting some traffic through now on the upper deck. this is just traffic that was stuck in the backup. right now the approaches to the bay bridge are still blocked
8:28 am
off. you cannot get on the upper deck coming up westbound 80, 880, or westbound 5 80. so you will have to find alternates. they will likely find the approaches open soon. some cars are going through into san francisco now. lower deck traffic is open has been open the entire time. here's the incline where you can see they still have it blocked off. the chp has it blocked off about mid incline. find alternates. the san mateo bridge fine as well as the golden gate. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for the morning, plenty of sunshine expected today, here's a look from our mount vaca where we do have sunny skies and mild temperatures on tap. here's a look at today's highs. seven-day forecast: temperatures lower 60s at the coast, highs. mid-60s at the bay, upper 60s inland of the temperatures warming up through the weekend dry through next week.
8:29 am
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we welcome you back to "the early show" on a blustery veterans day morning. coming up, on this -- on this veterans day, a conversation with general colin powell about service and sacrifice. i met with him a couple days ago at arlington national cemetery. his eloquent words about veterans and what they have done for us were truly moving and we will share them with you here in just a couple of minutes. >> that looks like film, it is so beautifully shot. >> amazing. >> it is always a majestic picture when you see that shot of arlington. one that really does speak for itself. i will let it do that. on a lighter note this morning worried about your cat adjusting to your new home, your dog tearing up your old one, what to
8:31 am
teed yourger bill as we talked about before the break we'll solve your pet problems before the break. our resident veterinarian is here to answer your viewer questions this morning. also, you the viewers have told us where dave price should begin his "though way home" journey and this morning, we reveal the winning location. i'll just say, this he's going to need a lot of help and ingenuity to make it back here in seven days, which is what he is tasked with. so we'll find out that in a little bit but first kelly slater what these people were cheering for [ cheering ] >> that stands for kelly slater ten because he just won his tenth title in surfing, dominating professional surfing his first world title back when he was 20. last weekend in puerto rico at age 38 he won again. this gives him an interesting distinction. se both the youngest athlete to have ever won it, when he was 20, and the oldest to take the top honor at 38 and kelly sclart
8:32 am
joins us exclusively this morning with his surf board. hey. my fellow floridian, cocoa beach boy how are you. >> well, how are you. >> he's been called the [ inaudible ] in the sport. do you ever stop to think about that and your ability to maintain. >> when i think back it's been a long time. i've been on the world tour for 18 years, off and on, i took a couple years off but pretty much since i was 20. i'm 38 now. >> crazy. >> it's a long time but it's a great life. >> a lot of your competitors now were just born back when you won your first title. >> i know. >> right. >> one kid his dad is actually younger than me. >> wow! >> how has the sport changed since you started over the last 18 years? >> um, you know, it's just the ability of the guy has just gone through the roof, gotten better and better and guys doing things now that are just unbelievable but, you know, advancements in boards and equipment and just the approach of riding waves.
8:33 am
>> i know you had a loss last week one of your good friends in the sport, your biggest rival died suddenly and you dedicated your victory to him. how has that affected you as friends and athlete. >> yeah, it's tough, andy irons one of the greatest surfers of all time, andy and i battled for years. i felt silly walking with this but i got his initials on my board that i won the title on the other day. a terrible tragic loss and there's going to be a huge paddle in hawaii where he was born, at least a thousand people for andy on the weekend. he's definitely remembered by all of us. it was just a tragic shock for all of us. >> we are so sorry. are you going to continue, thinking about retiring? >> i'm not sure. we got one more event left in the season, we're going to hawaii for a couple of months and i'll think about it. >> can i ask a question? >> yes. >> we watched this amazing video of you on this board. and just every -- every turn,
8:34 am
every wave is as breath taking as the one before. when you are in your zone, can you describe that's like, when you are in the zone doing what you do best? >> um, it just seems like time sort of slows down somewhat, you know, like you -- you know, things are happening and you are almost like a bystander watching and you, you know, it -- i don't know, you get in situations where you don't think you are going to make a wave but it's so slow motion, you somehow, subconsciously know you're going to make it. i don't know tshsts is pretty exciting. i spoke to a friend of yours this morning, jimmy buffett, he said to say hello going for a surf in long island. >> no kidding. >> enjoy your self. maybe go to margaritaville and enjoy your victory. appreciate you being here. >> how about a hand for kelly! [ cheering ] >> and now, let's surf over to dave price for another check of the weather. >> let's see -- as jimmy buffett would say watch those and a
8:35 am
halfgational buoys. nice to see you guys pleasure to have you on the plaza this veterans day. a reminder, by the way, it doesn't have to be veterans day for you to go and show your appreciation to someone who's volunteering on behalf of our country. so, if you see someone in uniform, anytime of the year, stop and say thank you. i want to introduce you again to genevieve chase who served in helmand province, a purple heart winner. on behalf of all of the people, products for good is the name of the organization. i want to present you with that. this, of course, put together by disabled workers to recognize all you have done for your country. again you are just representative of so many people across our globe. thank you and have a good veterans day and a meaningful one. let's take a check and see what's happening all throughout our great country right now. we go to the maps, looks like a nice weekend brewing for the northeast. in fact much of the eastern seaboard still nice and warm in the southeast right now. that air will moderate a little bit of that warmth
8:36 am
>> that's a quick look at your weather picture. happy veterans day. erica, back inside you to. >> dave thanks. our pet loving viewers have
8:37 am
sentence in plenty of questions. hello. for our residents veterinarian cbs news correspondents dr. debbye turner bell. >> hi, erica, nice to meet you. >> you, too. this morning here with advice to help out a number of our viewers, which we love we can help people. you reached out on facebook. boy, what a response. >> we got a huge response, a lot of different questions, so hopefully we can get through a number of them and they will be of benefit to a lot of our viewers. >> the first someone we talked about what to feed your pets before the break, before 8:30. this is really interesting for people especially who are looking to change their pets' diets make it a bit more interesting. i want to make sure i have the names right here. sent from facebook, violet with a question from chicago. >> okay. >> my small dog's on a grain-free diet. any nutritional risks i should keep an eye out for such as getting too much protein. >> i really love this question. feeding raw food is a trend now amongst companion pets. race dogs and sled dogs have
8:38 am
done it for years and years and years there. are some concerns veterinarians have about feeding a raw food diet. first of all the public health concern there is the risk of disease from e cole or sam mel la, some of the diseases that can be on the meat. if you don't handle it properly, wash the area, your hands, don't let it sit out too long it can be a risk to your health as well as your pet's health. >> i want to digress one second. i thought it wasn't a big deal for my dog, raw chicken it falls on the floor it is not okay for jake because it is not okay for dogs. >> i wouldn't necessarily say so. they have more acid than we do. food tends to move through faster and less affected by some bacteria however i wouldn't really recommend it without close supervision with a veterinarian. >> good for their diet to be balanced. >> dogs like us need fruits, vegetables, grains and meat so a pure-meat diet is not good for a
8:39 am
dog. >> there you go. question answered. up next a question a lot of people have had i think over the years when we talk about age of pets. dog age we hear multiply their age by seven that's how old they really are. how do you compare cats equivalent? >> a lot of people think you pult ply the dog's age by seven and the equivalent in human years but doesn't hold true for every breed because of different breeds lives different lengths of time. a small dog like you have, della, a one or two-year-old chihuahua will live 15, maybe 20 years if well cared for. the big dogs -- they live five to seven years. so you can't just do that seven multiplier. it doesn't apply for every dog. most cats live about 15 years up to 20 if you keep them very healthy. >> is there an equivalent if my cat is ten, does that mean she's 70 like -- or no? >> no, no notes in saerl. again, it depends on the cat but it's more important to know their life expectancy as to what the equivalent is in human years. >> we are exploring all our
8:40 am
technological options this morning. we have a question next via some skich. >> hello. >> hi. >> is this rene? >> this is. how are you? >> doing great. what's your question. >> well, my question is, i have a cute one-year-old yorkie named tucker a complete angel when we're together but when we're apart he suffers separation anxiety and he is a terror! >> yeah, separation anxiety is a big problem with a lot of pet earn owners particularly dog owners. now this is the one thing i will tell you. make sure that the yorkie has something to do while you're gone. treat puzzles, food puzzles are a very, very good idea like columns you put peanut butter in other the others you can put food in and the dog has to work at getting to the food. it gives them something to do. i also recommend sleep on a t-shirt or a towel in your bed with your scent on it. leave that out while you're gone and the scent of you sometimes will calm the animal down. there is a long series of steps
8:41 am
you can go through to help desensitize your dog government to our website rene afterwards and i put them on our website what you can do to reduce anxiety before you leave the house. the treat puzzles and leap sleeping with a t-shirt leaving that out hopefully will help a little bit. >> sounds great. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i'm getting a little -- >> getting a little love. >> i think our next question is from the bay area, i believe lucy, who just moved and her cat is having a little tough time adjusting. >> okay. let's listen. >> i recently moved to san francisco. and i have two cats. and i'm wondering -- they seem to be having kind of a hard time adjusting to the new house. i was wondering what i can do to help the adjustment be easier for them. >> the really, really, really great question. i actually went through this when hi two cats and moved. the first thing to do is restrict the amount of space that the cats have access to. we have dobby from the humane society of new york by the way all the animals on set are
8:42 am
available for adoption by -- so, for our new york viewers. you want to start off with one room. put the cats in your bedroom or somewhere you frequent a lot and put their favorite things, the toys, litter box, food, all of that, again a t-shirt you've slept in, let them get used to that one room. and then, slowly give them access to more areas of the house. that way, it won't seem quite so overwhelming and, also, it decreases the chance of the scared cat escapes out the front door. >> which we don't want. >> and out in a new neighborhood and new town and all afraid. >> great advice. quickly i think we have one more question from ashley. >> okay. >> sweetie. >> i have a pet guinea pig named marty, about a year old. besides the hay and pellets, i try to give snacks such as fresh food and vegetables every day and i wasn't sure how sch too much. >> again a great question. the diet of our pocket pets including guinea pigs we have a five-month-old right here.
8:43 am
their dietary needs are very specific. it's important to give a high kwaut grass hay like timothy grass and a cup of vegetables, green leafy vegetables once a day and only treat with fruit a couple times a week. because you don't want them to get too much sugar in the fruit and give them too much. >> there you go. great advice. dr. debbie turner -- i'm having trouble today. if you want more log on for more information. now harry. all right, guys, about 23 million americans alive today who have served in our armed a forces. on this veterans day, the 11th day of the 11th month, originally marking the end of world war i, americans honor all the military, men and women, who have given so much for our country. earlier this week, i met with former secretary of state and retired general colin powell at arlington national cemetery.
8:44 am
you know, it's interesting, as i've been here for the last hour or so, you just hear the band play over and over and over again, you realize just how many veterans are -- are dying every day. >> yeah. we are seeing the world war ii generation pass through and then the korean war generation comes along and even my generation, the vietnam war generation. but, the one thing they all have in common is that every one of these funerals and every tombstone that you see here represents an american who served his country. and when i walk through arlington, what strikes me is when you look at these headstones and tombstones, you can't tell what color they were, what part of the country they were from, were they rich, were they poor, if you get close enough, you'll see the name, you'll see what service they served in and you'll see a religious symbol. but when you step back and just look across and see them lined up the way they are, 300,000 of them, you see all the greatest generations of americans, not
8:45 am
just the world war ii generation, they were great but america has been blessed to have greatness in every single generation, to include our current generation of g.i.s in iraq and afghanistan. we should be so proud of them and never forget what they did and what their families did. >> do we ask too much of these men and women who go back deployment after deployment after deployment after deployment? and that's not an exaggeration. >> yes. no, we are asking a lot of them. i've heard some of them have gone back six and seven times. we are asking more of them than even the world war ii generation because, in some previous wars, you might have periods of quiet and then the battle comes. but, in these two wars, the battles are there almost every day and so we are asking a great deal of them. what is so wonderful about this current generation is that they give us that great deal. they go back. >> for a lot of people, this is just november 11th and somebody will hear it said it's veterans day on television and honestly
8:46 am
not give it a second thought. what are they missing? >> i think most americans realize what veterans day is. yes, it's also a holiday and we go shopping and we do lots of other things but there will be celebrations all across america. i participated in several already this week. and socks people still remember. why do people go to the vietnam war, four million a year? why do world war ii veterans and their families come back here on weekends to visit the world war ii memorial? why did it mean so much to your family and to your father-in-law when he visited the iwo jima memorial to reflect? i think the spirit is stlil there but, at the same time, let's hope we don't have more wars and let's hope a day may come when people will remember this but there will be no new generations that have been put into their graves as a result of war. let's pray for that. >> something worth praying for. >> beautiful. absolutely beautiful location and sentiment.
8:47 am
it was such such a great reminder this day what it's all about. >> i wanted to go there specifically knowing him since he was working for ronald reagan, a long, long time ago. i said that's the place i i want to do this interview because this day comes, it goes, i wear a poppy, but for so many people in our world right now, they -- they're not connected. >> so true. >> -- to the foersz and the folks who serve every day. >> it's interesting my uncle who served in vietnam and my father who was also in service during the vietnam era both said, you know, it gets to the point where it becomes about shopping and it becomes about sales and that has nothing to do with it. and it's nice, you may notice now there actually cards offered to send to a veteran, a thank you, a nice reminder something we should do every day but just to remind you that a simple thank you really goes a long way and it's frankly those words are never going to be enough. >> why wait until they are veterans remember the people serving as we speak. it's the holiday season, why not there are so many organizations
8:48 am
that help send a message directly to them in afghanistan or iraq or wherever they may be. >> you can find more of our interview with colon powell on our website. all you need to do is just click " >> thank you for that story. really loved it. >> thanks to general powell. >> up next, we'll reveal where >> thanks to general powell. >> up next, we'll reveal where dave will begin h,,,, 3q um, miss? up here! those are hard water stains. truth is, 85% of us have hard water. unlike the leading all-purpose cleaner,
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lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime calcium and rust, lime-a-way is a must.
8:50 am
. >> here we go. time to find out where dave will start his adventure. last week we dropped him off in santa monica, california and told him he had to rely on his wits and kindness of strangers. this year we asked you to choose one of the following starting points: tens of thousands of you voted. we thank you for that. it came down to a real fight between anchorage and newport. and the winner, ladies and
8:51 am
gentlemen, by 3,000 votes is anchorage, alaska, ooh. and there are -- there's the mayor, dan sullivan. i guess from your cheers, mr. mayor, you are happy about this and actually going to let him in. are you sure? >> well, wr we're real proud of our city and any chance we get to show it off even to dave we're excited about it as can see. >> love it. he's got his backpack mr. mayor taking on his trip. one thing you would recommend he have inside that backpack that will help him navigate anchorage, alaska slashgs what would it be? >> that's a great question. you know the bottom line he's probably not going to go home. he's going to like anchorage so much, i think he is probably just going to say. so forget the seven-day thing. >> okay. >> i'm not kidding. >> looks like a nice place to stay, a lot of people getting up extra early. >> i have been to anchorage to before and alaska scl many times one of the warmest cities when you think of hospitality.
8:52 am
and i am really excited to get started. this is a lot more of a challenge than it was last year. alaska is a continent away from the lower 48. we still have seven days to get there. i've got -- i've got to tell you, these guys -- the bob and mark show on 106.5, all kidding aside, went on an all-out blitz to pull it back from newport, oregon, who got the whole town voting. so, this came down to the very end yesterday and i can't wait to go. this is going to be tough, though. >> to re-establish you are relyling on the kindness of stranger, 50 bucks in your pocket you've got to basically work across the country. >> credit cards are gone only an honest day's wage for an honest's days work at this point though alaska and along the routd if you can go either get on twitter, i'm at earlyshowdave or we have an e-mail which is working right now which is nowayhome@cbs >> if you forget all that go to
8:53 am we'll put all that up there. we wish you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
it's 8:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. bay bridge traffic into san francisco remains closed. this man was arrested shortly after 8:00 following an hour standoff. he claimed to have explosives but none were found. the bridge has not re-opened, but cars are being allowed to pass to get into san francisco. plans to build another bridge it would link the east bay and peninsula together across the san francisco bay. a toll committee voted to conduct a new study to determine whether a full analysis of a new bridge is needed. jean quan is now mayor- elect of oakland. she will be the first asian- american woman to lead a major american city. the ranked choice voting
8:56 am
system gave her the edge over republican state senator don perata. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us. ,, i spend three hours on my homework -- or at least that's what my mom thinks. with high speed internet from at&t, i get my homework done fast, leaving me time to download movies and music and chat with my friends. [ mom ] how's your studying? it's coming along! [ female announcer ] work faster, play more with the fastest internet for the price. call to get high speed for $14.95 a month with a one-year
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8:58 am
the macarthur maze. some of the traffic that was stuck in the backup on the upper deck was let through. we still don't have an estimated time when they will re-open the upper deck of the bay bridge. but hopefully it will be soon because as she just said, the suspect has been taken into custody. and the car he was driving was taken off the bridge. lower deck traffic on the bay bridge by the way has never been impacted. alternates to the upper deck of the bay bridge, richmond/san rafael bridge slow because we had a couple of accidents on westbound 580. but the golden gate bridge and the san mateo bridge are both problem-free. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. you know our weather has been problem-free, as well. today, plenty of sunshine expected. this is all courtesy of our camera at mount vaca. sunny skies today a temperatures warming up slowly. here's a look at today's highs. lower 60s at the coast, mid- 60s around the bay and the upper 60s inland. we continue to warm up through the weekend 70-degree
8:59 am
temperatures expected. ,,,,,,,,


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